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Upcoming Events

CRAKK 2020: 24,25,26,27 January 2020

Goulburn Regional Nationals: 10th - 13th April 2020

Australian National T Bucket Gathering, at Capital Country Holiday Park, OCT 4-6

A Country Weekend Rod Run, Regency Ramblers, Temora, OCT 4-7

Damfest Swap Meet, Warragamba Dam, OCT 20

Damfest Show and Shine, Warragamba Dam, OCT 20

Chromefest, The Entrance, OCT 25-27

Eden Whale Festival Rod Run NOV 1-3, Shoalhaven Street Rodders

26th anniversary Idle Wild Memorial Run 2019, NOV 17



M&G Inustrial Supplies CRAKK 2020 Auction

Valued at over $1,100, the plasma cut 40 is the latest design & technology in inverter welding equipment. The Plasma Cut 40 eliminates the need for external air supply with its own built in oil less compressor. This unit is extremely easy to operate & gives trouble free cutting of most conductive metals such as steel,stainless steel,aluminium, copper & even cast iron. 

The plasma cut 40 makes onsite work for its operator easy as the need for an additional compressor is no longer required. This unit is ideal for sheet metal contractors & fabricators,fencing & roofing applications, automotive & farm maintenance & also plumbing applications. This light weight yet powerful unit gives the operator a maximum 12mm cutting capacity with full variable amperage control. The standoff guide on the 45amp torch and the automatic post flow cooling gives extra longevity for the torch consumables making the operators cost kept to the minimum